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Effects of drugs on body essay

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Illegal drugs or improper use of medication can result in addiction; you become dependent on the drug or medication. This leads to other negative effects on the body. Some drugs are hallucinogenics, which mean they cause someone to hallucinate—see things that are not there, believe things that are not true, and become irrational. Taking hard drugs slowly kills the mind and the body. For example with cocaine, short term hallucinations over time can lead to having a stroke or death.

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Question: iii The system prevents dosage errors being made Justification: Relates to safety - too much or too little of a drug would prevent the medication from being effective or be potentially dangerous. Question: When a drug is chosen can you only prescribe a safe dose? Furthermore generic compounds are typically less expensive than branded ones — allowing doctors to access drug information provides them with the ability to compare different drugs available and choose the best possible medication for the patient. Question: Can you see information about the drug such as dosage, active ingredients and alternatives?

Why Marijuana Should be Legal Essay, with Outline

Nowadays, drug addiction are an important cause of death and many problems in society. Substances such as alcohol, marijuana and nicotine also are considered drugs. It is estimated that drug offenders account for more than one-third of the growth in the state prison population and more than 80 percent of the increase in the number of federal prison inmates since New York Times, From the number of addicts and the cost of damage, drug addiction is a cause of more deaths than any other diseases problem in the world.
In: Other Topics. Any substance with pharmacologic effects used for satisfaction or personal pleasure rather than for medicinal purposes, is called recreational drug use. Examine this, individuals young and old have answered the question whether, recreation drugs are good for you. They have answered this question by suffering the consequences of misusing recreational drug. Society needs to be aware that recreational drugs such as Cocaine, Alcohol, and marijuana have contributed to health problems, criminal activity and addiction.

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