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Romeo and juliet resume act 1

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In Mantua, Romeo mistakenly believes that his dreams portend good news because he dreamed that Juliet found him dead but revived him with her kisses. Romeo's servant, Balthasar, then reports to Romeo that Juliet has died. Romeo, controlling his grief, makes plans to return to Verona. He offers a poor apothecary a large amount of money to sell him poison illegally. The poison will enable Romeo to be reunited with Juliet in death. Although the audience might expect to find Romeo in Mantua wallowing in the depths of despair over his banishment, he is actually in very good humor.

Conflict in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”?

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Shakespeare illustrates love in many different ways. The purpose of this essay will firstly discuss the difference between love and anti-romantic love. Secondly, it will portray an example of romantic and anti-romantic love through the use of certain characters. Thirdly, it will explain what is meant by the term binary opposition, and lastly, it will portray examples of a binary opposition taken from the play.

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The Chorus opens Romeo and Juliet with a brief summary of what's to come on stage. Analysis: The prologue of this play takes the form of a sonnet, a form of 16th century poetry that typically discussed the themes of love and conflict. We are provided with information about where the play takes place, and given some background information about its principal characters. The prologue talks about "star-cross'd" lovers, saying that they are connected by fate.
The scene begins with Sampson and Gregory of the house of Capulet talking to each other. Sampson makes it clear that they are in a feud with the Montagues. Sampson is not going to let them humiliate the Capulets anymore and he is willing to fight anyone to let them know, even the women and the children. Gregory agrees that they are not going to let the Montagues get away with any more humiliation but he warns Sampson that the feud is between the men of both houses and not the women.

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