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Are professional athletes salaries deserved essay

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One of the hot topics today in the world of sports media centers around the relationship between sports journalists and athletes of various sports. In recent years, sports media has come under fire and found itself the victim of verbal attacks from athletes. Athletes fed up with having to speak to the media, have begun somewhat of a campaign against the media by speaking out against them. The media has always been a controversial entity, but sports media has for the most part been viewed as the. Drug abuse among professional basketball players is a problem as old as time.

Are Professional Athletes Overpaid?

Are actors and professional athletes paid too much essay | Writing a good essay

Have you ever thought about it? People know that doctors and firefighters save lives, while athletes play a game to make money. He supports this by saying that the athletes deserve what the fans are willing to pay and how much sponsors pay them also. The final reason that I will state on why Singletary does not think athletes are not overpaid is that they are putting their careers on the line in every game they play. Hjelm believes that pro athletes are overpaid for just simply playing a game. Many professional athletes get paid millions of dollars, and some people think that these athletes get paid too much, but others believe that athletes deserve the deluge of money they receive. I believe athletes get paid way too much, but they should make a great deal of money, just not as much.

Do Professional Athletes Deserve Million Dollar Salaries?

I really find it hard to believe that in our society, we value entertainment more than almost anything else. There are people right now in this world dying because they do not have enough money to eat and we give athletes more money than they can spend because they are good at their sport. Professional athletes are extremely good at what they do, but do they really deserve millions of dollars because they can throw, kick, hit, or shoot a ball. A leader of a country should not be making a fraction as a pro athlete. I personally believe this because I think something as simple as throwing a ball is not a career.
This unhealthy relationship is shown perfectly by many professional athletes and leads me to the theory that I feel is the most prevalent when it comes to these superstars. The Anomie Theory according to our book , is when a person pursues monetary success and does so disregarding the ways they go about it Cullen, Agnew, Wilcox, Pg. In many low income neighborhoods sports are used as a way to keep kids out of trouble.

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