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By requesting to withdraw your naturalization application, you are agreeing to forfeit all previously paid USCIS fees pertaining to your case. Therefore, if you later decide to apply for the same benefit, you must submit new immigration fees. Unless you were convicted for a crime, a withdrawal of your naturalization application does not negatively affect your chances of applying for the same benefit in the future. Locate the most recent correspondence you received from USCIS pertaining to your naturalization application. Find your application number, which is typically located at the top of the page. Write a letter addressed to the USCIS service center where you originally filed your naturalization papers.

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Candidates end the job interview process with companies more often than you might think, and for all kinds of reasons. Job seekers end the interview process for many reasons, including:. Accepting another job. The hiring process. For some candidates, the hiring process itself can be an issue. A HireVue survey reports that some of the top reasons for withdrawing include the applicant's time being disrespected during the interview, poor rapport with the interviewer, the length of the process, and the job description not matching what was advertised. Realizing the job isn't a good fit.

Procedure: Withdrawal of applications

Hunting for a new job can be a tough experience, and it is highly unlikely that you might want to withdraw your application from a job you actually have a high chance of getting. In most cases, it is the prospective employer that turns down job applicants, rather than job applicants turning down job offers. Sometimes, however, for one reason or another, you might find yourself in a situation that requires you to withdraw a job application. In such situations, how you withdraw your application matters a lot. In this article, I am going to show you how to tactfully withdraw a job application while remaining in the good graces of your prospective employer.
By any chance do you have any template or example of the withdrawal letter that needs to be send to USCIS? H1 they have already withdrawn. Yes, you can. H4 visa has nothing to do with H1B employer.

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