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White hills like elephants analysis essay

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Literary Reference Center Plus. Hemingway, Ernest. However, all I can hear is silence because they simply do not speak the same language. They are both living in different worlds filled with divergent ideologies and opinions.

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This story is set in Spain at a train station with a man, the American and a woman, Jig discussing an operation. The couple is at a crossroads in their lives when they must decide whether Jig must have an abortion or not in order to determine the fate of their relationship. Hills Like White Elephant is set up as a dialogue between the two, in which the American is trying to convince Jig to abort the child, but she is hesitant in doing so. Throughout the story, Hemingway uses metaphors to express the characters feelings and decisions as well as highlighting the differences in the way a man and a woman view an abortion. As readers dig beneath the surface to understand what the couple is trying to decide on, the Iceberg theory method allows them to analyze what the relationship dynamics are between the American and Jig. Thus, resulting in two general conclusions which are Jig will either have the abortion in other to keep the relationship with the American or she will keep the child and find solace.


John employs his patriarchal and doctoral standings to diagnosis his wife as mentally ill, thus restricting her in misogynistic gender roles. John is characterized as an aggressive man who abuses his power to ensure his wife is marginalized. She controls her husband and gives him the necessary instructions on what to do. She does not have female weakness, but instead she has masculine mind. Lady Macbeth as a woman demonstrates herself with the ability to keep her husband dependent on her.
It was believed that the story is either pro-feminism or anti-feminism, yet an author spoke of no background for this story, which contains symbolism as the white elephant. The story is short, yet a powerful one and speaks not precisely about abortion per se, but about the importance of noticing the elephant in the room. It speaks about winning an argument that cannot be won since every person will have a certain opinion. The story revolves around a conversation between an American man and a young girl.

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