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Providing Help to Other Lawyers Most of our personal injury cases come from referrals from other lawyers. Learn how you can still collect a fee within our ethical rules while transferring primary responsibility for your case to us. This section is more recent additions to our website which we have created in response to request from other lawyers for these forms or documents. This is for miscellaneous documents we use regularly but we don't have a natural category elsewhere. If there is a document you want to see, let us know and our lawyers will try to provide it to you. If you have a civil injury claim or if you are an attorney looking for co-counsel on a serious injury case, call or get a free online consultation.

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When the United States government declared that living without health insurance was no longer illegal, there were some people who decided they could completely do without because they either did not believe they needed it or they simply could not afford it. Even if the incident that caused the victim injury was not their fault, insurance companies and auto insurance companies in particular may still try to avoid financial responsibility. Simply spoken, that is the game plan insurance companies often make — find some way to not pay for your injuries. At Distasio Personal Injury Firm in Tampa, FL, we believe wholeheartedly that this is unfair, especially when people facing financial hardship have to choose between seeking medical care or not. For a free legal consultation, call As previously stated, health insurance companies may often want to refuse to pay for your medical bills, especially if your injuries are due to the negligence or destructive nature of another person.

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If you are next of kin for a loved one who was killed in a wrongful death accident and want to file a wrongful death claim, you need to write and send in a demand letter, or have an attorney do so. This letter will be used to negotiate your claim, so you should write a thorough and detailed explanation of the facts. A demand letter is the central document in negotiating a wrongful death settlement. Wrongful death claims involve a death that was caused by the negligence of another person. These types of cases can include fatal car accidents, malfunctioning machinery, or a wrongly prescribed drug.
You will likely have co-payments or deductibles you need to pay under your health insurance policy, or you may not even have health insurance at all. Using a letter of protection , our office helps you avoid harassment on the part of your creditors. The letter acts as a promise to pay the outstanding medical bill out of any recovery you obtain from the at-fault driver or his or her insurance company at the end of the case.

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